About the Sangha of the Pandemic

At the height of the COVID pandemic in the United States, when there was an almost universal shutdown and shut-in, Iluman of the Pacific Northwest offered their Zoom link to anyone who would like to hold gatherings for the community at large. William suggested a meditation group and so it began.

Although Iluman is an organization dedicated to male spirituality, there was a need for non gender specific gathering places too. So the meditations were opened to all genders and all beings however they were identified. (Yep, we have wild birds, domestic cats and dogs and a bear or two joining us.)

As the pandemic progressed in addition to four morning practice sessions per week, we held four virtual retreats at the solstices and equinoxes of that first year. As a result the meditation group expanded from a few folks sitting regularly to over 90 folks who have either participated in the retreats or have joined us in practices. Currently there are between 5 and 13 folks sitting regularly with the rest of the folks receiving blog posts exploring the practice as well as poetry and art that has been inspired by the practice.

In the fall of that first year while William was on the road (See a little about that journey here.), somewhere in the Mojave Desert, there was a sense that this group was going to last beyond the COVID pandemic and for some reason there was an urge to formalize the collection of participants as Sangha. Jokingly, someone called it the Sangha of the Pandemic and it stuck.

As of April 2023, we have entered the third year of practicing together. We are still a fledgling sangha that meets six times per week (see below) and welcome anyone who is interested for one practice, intermittent practices or a regular commitment. We often have topics that we focus on. These are inspired mostly by buddhist teachings and enhanced by other spiritual wisdoms. Each practice stands on its own so even if someone has not attended regularly they may benefit and will assuredly contribute to our commitment to bring about an end to suffering for all beings throughout all times and in all directions.

So please come sit with us. No experience or eons of experience. Whom or how ever you are, you are welcome.

We practice on ZOOM:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6 AM Pacific Time

Sunday at 7 AM Pacific Time


Monday and Thursday evening at 4:30 PM Pacific Time

ZOOM Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89989680789

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