Comment from Linda on “Survival”

Dear William,

I was glad to read your post this morning.I thought of you yesterday evening, as I put covers over my spinach and lettuce in the garden against the freeze.
Your post inspired my meditation.  I began with putting myself in a tent on the street where I pass by several times a week.  A house-less encampment near the locked high school field where I used to run the track. 

Who am I? 
I am the one sitting in this tent. looking out onto the street and sidewalk.  I am the one cold and not getting warmer today, the library is closed, The shelters are closed.I am the one wondering where I will eat today. Will my temporary neighbors share sources of food today?I am the one with only tarp between me and the weatherI am the one wanting to feel clean, trying to remember a hot shower.I am the one hopeless and despondent.I am the one forgotten and ignored.I am the one sad and angry.
Here is this one. Here is awareness of pain, of wanting relief, of needing to be seen, of needing support.
Here is awareness.