Giant. dripping gold, drops of blood

Into the azure stillness ocean

drops, fat like buddha’s tears, dissolving in the 

undissolved expanse of of blue beyond blue.

Massive. clinging roots sunk deep

into the dusty stone strewn sky

grasping onto nothing secured or stable

seeking deeper into the melted core where

Nothing survives.

Thickness. bark, skin, and bones winding in agony 

lost in directionless searching spreading wide in longing

until skin grows impenetrable and limbs grow fine

seeking, bursting free in verdant joy only to

transform into dissolving gold, drops of blood.

Not a crack, not a pore, not a crinkled broken leaf

not a churned stone, not lightining struck branch,

not a rotten heart, not the unconditional shade,

not the gentle wind song, not the decaying moldy crevasses,

not the golden sun emanating leaves, not the woodpecker holes,

not nothing wasted. 

Dance your life like the cottonwood giant

bleed your song like the golden leaves into solvent expanse

make each step a thrust of every pore of being,

know each thought creating and uncreated

Let each taste burn, each smell saturate.

Greif and joy chameleon into each other

clarity and stillness, inseparable

fear and strength shape shifting as ….

separate and one not two.