New Year Dream Practices

A New Year: The Twelve Holy Nights

Offerings from Linda Atwater:

Boughs down!

Crack. Limbs laden with ice give way.

Escaping the excess falling all around me,

Shedding that which no longer serves,

no longer wanted.

What am I ready to cast off?


Bow down.

Kneeling in gratitude for what remains,

Trunk, heart, a skeleton of I AM.

Parts lost or true nature exposed?


“I bow with all beings to attain liberation.” -Zen verse-

-Namaste- I bow to the Divine within


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May the joy, kindness, compassion and equanimity of your true nature and the nature of all beingness rain down in unending blessings this year and in all years past, present and future.

May this practice, these words, and all actions be in service to the end of suffering for all beings, throughout all times, and in all directions throughout the cosmos.



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