About William’s Journey

In Spring of 2019, my husband made his final decision to move to Costa Rica and I wholeheartedly supported that and began the process to join him in this adventure. As I contemplated leaving the U.S., I had an experience that is difficult to describe. It was not nostalgia for my life here or happiness about getting the hell out of the Trumpian universe, or a strong drive to live in the beautiful land of C.R. I can best describe it as a deep gratitude for all of the opportunities that I had being able to sit with, listen, study, and learn from teachers throughout my life. I wanted to express my gratitude directly, when possible or indirectly when not. So, I began to dream of a journey throughout North America, visiting the folk and the lands that have influenced and molded my spiritual journey and practice.

As I shared this idea with friends and families, several asked if I would write about my experiences on the way, some even requested that I start a blog or something like that. I was and still am hesitant about that. Not so much whether folks would be interested. I think a blog is ultimately about supporting the person who is writing the blog in their process of discovery and exploration of ideas. I was concerned that friends and family might feel obligated to read it and comment and subscribe and ultimately it would be just another email in their inbox adding to the plethora of information already there and becoming a part of the psychic habit of “I should read that so I won’t delete it…” You know the deal.

Regardless of all of that , here it is.

It would be great if this space became an alternative to FB for sharing ideas and exchanging insights and as I become more savvy in the technical aspects, I will try to set it up so that can happen.

For now, I’ll share experiences, pictures, travel tips, and some of the processes I went through to get the Element up and running on the Warrior Road.

Why Grateful Road Warrior? The grateful part seems obvious as does the road. Much of my life journey has been guided by the Buddhist teachings on bodhichitta (The path to practice toward awakening to be in more authentic service in diminishing suffering of all beings and the bodhisattvas who have dedicated all of their lives to that.) I hope that even just a single moment of this journey could express my consummate gratitude for these teachers and that this journey of practice may contribute to their teachings.

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