Grace in the Clearing – Chuck Fondse

Grace is there for the asking 

Tall Weeds choke the way 

Arms thrashing through the weeds 

Trying to get to the clearing. 

The clearing appears 

Meadow, beauty, open air 

Sense the air in my lungs. 

Fresh, crisp, life giving. 

No more weeds 

No more thrashing 

No more cut arms 

Clear freedom 

Until it is not.  

Rocks in the meadow 

Just below the short grass 

Not seen.  

First trip: 

Oh damn  

I did not see it 

Second trip 

What is this shit 

Who put that there? 

Third trip.  

I sit down, 



Will this ever get smooth  

Ever? Ever? 

Grace is there for the asking. 

Not smooth but 3-D,  

There to trip me? 

Deep crevasses, 

Big rocks, breaking down 

To little rocks in the meadow 

That make beauty real.  

May these offerings be in service to the end of suffering for all beings, throughout all times, and in all directions throughout the cosmos.


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