Meditation schedule

Dawn from a moonless night.

Dear Friends.

As the country and the planet makes this transition the practice supports a deeper understanding of our own way of being as well as other sentient beings.

Sponsored by Illuman of PNW. Everyone is welcome anytime; all genders, beginning meditators and folks who have been practicing a while,are invited.

Sundays at 7AM PST we will practice Tonglen. The zoom link is: term tonglen is translated from TIbetan as giving (tong) and taking (len) or sending and receiving. In the contemplative practice of tonglen the practitioner cultivates generative qualities of being (such as loving kindness, compassion, joy) that arise naturally when suffering subsides. From this place of understanding they look into the world of suffering and invite that suffering in and, in a sense, metabolize it with the fire of the generative qualities, and then give back the quality of being that meets that suffering.


Mondays 6AM PST Zoom: : Samatha or “calm abiding”. The is the foundational practice of meditation.


Tuesdays 6AM PST Zoom: : Body-centered meditation. Awareness of conscious and unconscious contractions in our physical being facilitates a deeper awareness of how we are interacting with the world around us.


Thursdays, 6AM PST Zoom: :Cultivating the Four immesureables; Loving kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity.Please feel free to share.

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