Tribute to a Hero from David Trainer.

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago David responded to the request for your esperiences, insights, and inquiroes relating to practice (click here to read). He followed up this week with a poem about that experience.

Last climb 

I climb up the steps, carved in the bluff.

I’m an old man, so I stop often to catch my breath. 

My father, who was 23 sprinted up this bluff, 78 years ago under enemy gun fire. 

I climb up the steps to the battlefield where my father was wounded by hot lead of an exploding shell.

I am not alone, my friend and guide Frank is with me. 

We are brothers from an Elder retreat, where we first met in Washington state. 

The retreat taught me pain not transformed, will be transmitted. 

I climb up the steps to perform a ritual of releasing my pain transmitted by my father.

I carry with me a picture of the 6 inch piece of lead shrapnel surgically removed from my father’s hip. 

I burn that lead shrapnel and pray for release of my pain alongside my guide Frank. 

I climb down the steps holding the ashes of the burnt shrapnel. 

My father, after his wounding, never again climbed a bluff. 

I spread the ashes on the waters of the Rhine river, and watch them float away. 

I had released my pain and replaced it by honoring a hero my dad.

David Trainer

– I will not be writing posts for the site for a few more weeks and it would be great to read and see your expressions of art, poetry or reflections in relation to the practice. The whole community benefits when the whole community offers their gifts. 

Peace and ease,