Reflections on Metta and Dana

Reflections from the Spring Equinox retreat from some participants.

Reflection on Metta and Dana by Mike den Haan

The grand tree,

open to all visitors,

its trunk injured by

lightning long ago.

Many long branches,

held in place,

reaching out

to hold, invite, embrace.

Entangled roots

connecting everywhere,

sharing stories,

nourishment, energy.

Pine needles and sap.

Lichen and bark.

Source for woodpecker.

Mark for bear.

Nest for robin.

The elder, tree

beckons to consider a truth:


Our souls join.

Linda Atwater

From a Deep Pool    by Daniel Lefebvre

Sound of flowing water, gentle breathing  

As baby’s breath, opening the heart echo  

To the wordless fragrance of life,  

Silently touching tenderly only with your eyes  

Aaah…. Such kind eyes, sparkling at times with Crow’s feet,  Whisper a generous patience and acceptance  

A lightness of being radiating out  

Perspiring a posture of receiving all  

Open your heart to a soulful melody  

To desire for oneness, for peace of mind  

Banish any thought that disturbs the mirror image  

Of a deep pool reservoir, overflowing with Hagia Sophia *  

Absorb the essence of God’s Love for self and all beings  Breathe; be open to the movement of the Spirit  

* presence of the Divine Feminine

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